Jeep Wheels

Coming Soon

Confidence on Any Path

Jeep is synonymous with rock crawling, hill climbing and river fording. Even their compact utility vehicles are more capable than ever. The Jeep Compass and Renegade are a perfect combination for REIKA wheels and lift kits. Together they get the job done on both road and trail.

Our wheels are available in 15×7, 15×7.5, 17×7, 17×7.5, 17×8, for 5×100, 5×110, 5×114.3 vehicles. Finishes in Gloss Black, Satin Black, Satin Gray, Bronze and Black Machined Face offer the ability to customize your vehicle exactly as you choose. REIKA lift kits raise your Jeep to protect the vehicle’s underbody from damage while offroading, all while adding to the appearance of adventure.

Now’s the time to load up your gear and get out there with REIKA and Jeep!